Let Me Introduce Myself...

Since opening this site, visitors have often written introductory messages along with the guest registry. Already, some new connections have been made. We have created this page in response to this nice development.
In an attempt to get to know one another, let us know who you are by introducing yourself!
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Let Me Introduce Myself...
  • Hello! I am Robert Earl Engelbach, and I currently live in Medford, OR. I have lived in Alaska and Montana - my father (Robert Lee Engelbach lives in Anchorage) and my family is spread over Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Texas. As seems to be the case with many of our ancestors, I am an accountant and an amateur woodworker. Please contact me at the address below - I am interested in all stories!
    Rob Engelbach

  • Hi I am Judith Engelbach Slaughter from Rialto Calif. I live with my two children Ryan age 20 and Amy age 17. I am also the sister to Bob and Melva Engelbach from Maryland. I was born to Robert Skelly Engelbach and Delena on July 1st 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland. I came to Calif when I was 3 yrs old.

  • Hi I am David Wasserman, grandson of Howard J. Witzenburger (http://soli.inav.net/~jme240/oldphoto/henryedmaryminnie.htm) who is the son of Minnie Engelbach Witzenburger.

  • Hi, I'm Anne Ober Englebach, married to Jon Englebach, son of James Raymond Englebach. I was searching the internet and found alot of Englebach's and I was just amazed! Jon and I met in Md, where we both grew up, but Jon was born in PA, near Lebanon. We have 5 children, the youngest is 9 months and the oldest is 11. We now live in western North Carolina, have been here for about 2 years, fixing up an old farmhouse. I make homemade soaps and other toiletries, you can see them at: http://www.twopooches.com/covecreeksoaps/
    You can contact us at: Mulberry224@aol.com

  • Hello, I'm Rich Englebach and my wife's name is Bella (Isabella). I met my wife while in college at Florida Tech (formerly Florida Institute of Technology). We have three sons, Geoffrey, Gregory, and Ian. I grew up in Syracuse, NY and after college, work brought me to the Philadelphia area where I have been since 1978. We live in Morton, Pennsylvania. My parents live in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey while my brother, his wife and two daughters live in Rochester, New York. My great-great-grandfather, Henry, immigrated to America with his family in 1857, through the Port of Baltimore. They settled in Reading, Pennsylvania; after two terms of service in the Civil War, and a short stay in Wisconsin, Henry resettled his family in Reading. Up until the last year or so I thought the Englebachs/Engelbachs were a small clan. Now I find we are all over the place! It has been great getting to know everyone and I look forward to the EWWR in July!

    "Branches of the Family Tree": Under the Cookbook section Kathy Schweitzer submitted Rose Englebach's Chocolate Midnight Cake. Rose (see Ancestor Photos; the little girl on Rose's left if Kathy's mom) is Kathy's maternal grandmother. Rose's paternal grandfather was John Henry Englebach. John Henry was the brother of my great-grandfather Herman Englebach. Their father was the above mentioned Henry Englebach.
    (Hi Kathy and Jean!)

  • I am Chris (Christiane) Engelbach Hitchcock. I am one of the aunts of Robert Engelbach (#3 on this list). My Engelbach ancestors date back to Pastor Engelbach and I will get this genealogy uploaded to the site soon. My husband and I live in North Georgia (USA). Presently we are raising ostriches for meat, leather, etc. You can find more about ostriches by visiting our website at http://www.jcranch.com. As a hobby we like to country dance (two-step, swing, waltz,etc.) but taking care of 300 birds takes up most of our present time. I have three children (Jennifer Barlow, Jared Barlow and Jessica Barlow). Jared is the computer expert in our family and lives in North Carolina. Jessica is going to college in Sitka, Alaska, and Jennifer works in Atlanta, Georgia. We all love the outdoors and camping. Last year my husband Jere and I took a 435-mile bicycle ride from north Georgia to southern Georgia with BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia). This year we were busy raising chicks. So you can see the Engelbachs range far and wide with diverse talents and hobbies!
    Chris Hitchcock
    JC Ostrich Ranch
    Danielsville, Georgia

  • Hello, My Name is Jean-Pierre Engelbach from Paris. My address : 4 rue Sainte Marthe 75010 Paris Tel (33) 01 42 39 23 13 (No Fax, no e-mail personnel). Il est possible de me joindre par le e-mail de mon travail : assothea@club-internet.fr   J'ai surf￿ur votre site et je suis tr￿int￿ss￿our venir ￿iedenkopf au mois de juillet. Je suis aussi int￿ss￿ar vos recherches g￿alogiques. J'ai actuellement ￿a disposition un arbre g￿alogique complet des branches Engelbach en Allemagne et en France, depuis le 15￿ si￿e. Le premier anc￿e connu etait charpentier ￿iedenkopf. Je vous souhaite une tr￿belle et heureuse ann￿1999, pour vous et pour vos proches. A bient￿e vos nouvelles. Jean-Pierre

    This is the ENGLISH TRANSLATION when you copy the message into the Alta-Vista Language Translator which you can get to from our Main Page:

    Hello, My Name is Jean-Pierre Engelbach from Paris. My address: 4 rue Sainte Marthe 75010 Paris Telephone (33) 01 42 39 23 13 (No Fax, No personal e-mail). It is possible to join to me by e-mail of my work: assothea@club-internet.fr   I surf￿n your site and I am very interested to come in Biedenkopf in July. I am also interested by your genealogical search. I currently have at my disposal a complete family tree of the branches Engelbach in Germany and France, since the 15￿ century. The known first anc￿e was a carpenter with Biedenkopf. I wish you very beautiful and happy year 1999, for you and your close relations. So long of your news. Jean-Pierre

  • I'm Robert Engelbach; my wife's name is Glenda. We live in Hampton, New Hampshire and have two kids: Benjamin, 11, and Meagan, 8. We're in the process of adopting two foster kids: Jenna Nicole, 3, and Jordan Elizabeth, 2. Jordan's saying these days is "I a Engelbach." I work in Boston, a 50-mile drive, so I'm always interested in finding books on tape. My ancestors settled in Arenzville, IL after they immigrated from Germany in the middle of the past century. My grandfather, Fred Engelbach, was a doctor in Jacksonville, IL. My father, Fred Engelbach Jr, was in the Air Force for 25 years and is now the business manager for the Hampton, NH school district. Good meeting you. I'm looking forward to developments on the web site. Rob/Glenda Engelbach   rgebach@hotmail.com
  • My name is Suzanne Engelbach Leeseberg and I live in Antrim, Ohio. My mother's name was Lovisa and my father's, Adolph. They came from Olean, New York and settled in Canton, Ohio. I had two sisters, Verona and Enid, and two brother's, DeVere and James. I have two sons, Ron in Fresno, Ohio, and Ken in Miami, Florida. I'm sending this email from Ron's computer. Suzanne Engelbach Leeseberg   r.leeseberg@genie.com
  • Hello. My name is Derek Engleback from Chelmsford, Essex, England of the Jacob Engleback clan. He was born in Germany, perhaps Prussian, from Engelbach. Just thought you may like to know my hobby. It is photography and has been for near fifty years but I am now turning to digital on my computer with digital cam equipment. englback@globalnet.co.uk
  • Hi, I'm Jim Engelbach and my wife's name is Martha. We have two teenagers Justin and Malia. We live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but we are originally from Ohio. My ancestors settled in Olean, New York in 1869 and moved to Ohio in the early 1900's. Work brought us to Iowa in 1988 and now we thoroughly enjoy our new home state. We have been having a lot of fun with the web site and are very excited about the all the new connections we are making because of it. Looks like 1999 is a good year to be an Engelbach! jme240@inav.net