Marburg, Germany

Many Engelbachs are from the area surrounding Marburg. The ancient town of Marburg is about 80KM to the north of Frankfurt. It is the cradle of Hessen and its original capital. The city clusters up the slopes of the Lahn Valley in a maze of narrow streets and medieval buildings. Marburg is first mentioned as a town in the year 1222.

Marburg is home to the University of Marburg, founded in 1527. According to Michael Engelbach of Wetter, Germany" a collection of popular personalities, published in Germany, can be found at the library of the University of Marburg and shows a great number of registrations of the name Engelbach."

The most important building is the ELISABETHKIRCHE. It was the first Gothic church in Germany and was erected over the site of the grave of Saint Elisabeth, who died here in 1231. The church was built between 1235 and 1283.

From the church, a stepped street leads up to the Marktplatz, the center of the old town. From the Marktplatz you can make your way up to the thirteenth-century Marienkirche and the Schloss.

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