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  1. I am the Grandson of Minnie and Henry and the son of Howard Witzenburger, Sr. and Louise Ethel Schubert. Howard was born 27 Feb 1909, Louise was born 31 Jan 1916, Minnie (In the 1880 census has Mina as her given name.) was born 30 Jan 1877, Henry was born Abt. 1873. I am researching the WITZENBURGER family of HENRY WITZENBURGER, his wife was MINNIE ENGELBACH. Henry was one of 5 brothers who emigrated from Germany. They lived in Jersey City, NJ, USA, Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA and Valley Stream, Nassau, NY, USA. Henry died in abt 1955 at Meadowbrook Hospital (aka. Nassau County Medical Center), East Meadow, Nassau, New York USA and Minnie died there in abt 1965. Minnie´┐┐s father's name was Edward Engelbach, born 21 Apr 1838 in Baden, Germany. He was a watchmaker and lived in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA. He had a watch shop with a large electric clock in the front window that ran on blue crystal batteries. I am seeking any additional information connecting the Witzenburger and Engelbach families." Any and all information will be greatly appreciated
    Howard J Witzenburger, Jr. hjwitz@earthlink.net

  2. I'm looking for information on James Keeley, who married Florence Engelbach on September 15, 1896. According to their marriage certificate, Florence was the daughter of Edward Engelbach and Emma Bayer. I can be reached by email at mielkemm@yahoo.com - Marianne Mielke

  3. We are not researching the Engelbach/Englebach/Engleback surname, but are very keen to find out if anyone on your site knows where Hepe Capel was and/or is. Our ancestor stated on his British Marriage Certificate that his father, John Henry SCHULTZ, was a farmer in Hepe Capel, and the son declared on later Census returns that he was born in Prussia. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lesley Eldridge
    Contact Lesley at lesleyandpaul@quicknetuk.com

  4. Hello, I saw your webpage and was wondering if you have any info on Biedenkopf, Germany prior to 1717 when the town burned down ? I have Engelbach's in my tree.
    John Fronheiser
    Please be sure to visit my 2 genealogy web sites (with over 50,000 linked individuals and families) at:
    Contact John at fronheiser2000@hotmail.com

  5. I have been searching for my ancestors with the name of EHLENBECK for over a year but I can't seem to find any other Ehlenbeck's that live in Missouri or Wisconsin. The Ehlenbeck's that live in Missouri are all close relation to me but the ones from Wisconsin we cannot make any kind of connection. I've written to some Ehlenbeck's in Germany, where we know our ancestors come from but so far we have only made one contact over there. Contact Bob Ehlenbeck at rehlenbe@mail.win.org

  6. Hi, I have recently begun a lineage search and I have an Annie Dora Englebach marriage to a Louis J. Melchior in 8-4-1864. I cannot find her name or parentage, but was wondering if you have any information on her. My information shows that these two met on a ship from germany, but I can find neither his nor her name on records. She was supposed to have left Darmstadt in Hesse at 13 years, but again, no records there. Any Help? Looking for parents or link to appropriate englebach line.

    Contact Clint Randolph at rhook001@tampabay.rr.com

  7. I have some German ancestors where the surname is spelled EHLENBECK. I was wondering if this is or could be another spelling for ENGLEBACH.

    Contact Tammy Cudaback at tkgc74@yahoo.com

  8. Hi - my great grandfather emigrated from Ober Engelbach, Prussia in 1856. I am trying to find out where it was on the map, and where and what it might be called today. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, S.L. Freyn

    Contact S.L. Freyn at Es1Kay1@aol.com

  9. Some of the Englebach family came from Storndorf, Germany. I was in Storndorf and surrounding villages, in the 1960's and researched my family (in the church records which are now kept in Oberbreidensbach) which I took back to a Johannes Kehl who was a miller by trade. He married twice and both wives had the last name of Roth. Four of his children came to the United States sometime between 1850 and 1857. When I was there I did not know that my junior high best friend Elisabeth (Betsy) Englebach's family was from Storndorf the same as mine. I spent a lot of time in the 1950's at the Englebach home in Jacksonville, Illinois. Her Father was Dr. Frederick Englebach who appeared to some to be somewhat different and interesting. He rode to the hospital or his office on his horse or in a jeep. He often wore lederhosen. He was a man of few words...and yet I wish I had known his family was from the same tiny village as mine. I would have asked him about this strange coincidence. How did our two families coming from such a tiny village in Germany end up in the same small town in Illinois? I have yet to find any other families also coming from Storndorf...there surely are some. I have lost my friend from junior high...does anyone know where Betsy Englebach is? Our high school reunion committee also wants to know. I believe that at one time she was an administrator at a University in Indianna.

    Does anyone know more about the Englebach family from Storndorf to Morgan County Illinois or about my friend betsy?

    Contact Betty Kehl Richardson at brich@ddc.net

  10. I am just getting started on the Engelbach branch of my family and do not have much to share, but will be glad to share what I have. My great grandfather was: Lewis William Engelbach, Christened: Jan. 3, 1838 at St. Mark, Kennington, London, England. He married Jessie Brown. They had 5 children: Vincent Edward Engelbach (my grandfather), Mildred Engelbach, Pauline Engelbach, Rex Engelbach and Charles R. F. Engelbach.

    I would appreciate any information that you might be able to give me. Thank you so much. Contact Jean Stagner at jstagner@austin.rr.com

  11. "HEINRICH (HENRY?) ENGELBACH (brother of one of my direct ancestors), born on September 18, 1822 in Wollmar (near Biedenkopf and Marburg, county of Kurhessen-Kassel), emigrated to the US in March 1852. We definitely know that he died on September 8, 1854 in Evansville, Indiana." I would like to know if one of the American clan members can give me some information about him or his family. Contact Michael Engelbach: Michael.Engelbach@t-online.de
  12. JOHN JOSEPH ENGLEBACKwas born in England in 1883. He was last seen in 1927 in South London where he owned a pub. It is presumed he came to America sometime after 1927 when he was about 44 years of age. He married in 1909 and had a child in 1912. His wife's name was Flora Annie and his daughter was named Elsie Maud. I would be very thankful for any help on finding information regarding this uncle of mine. Contact Derek Engleback: englback@globalnet.co.uk
  13. EDWARD ENGELBACH was born on 4/21/1838 in Baden son of Frederick & Charlotte (nee Mangher) Engelbach. I have been trying to locate the name of the town in Baden where he was born. The family was Lutheran. Edward immigrated to the US in 1854 at the age 16. His ship records were among the 1/4 lost for 1854. By the time he was 21 he owned his own Watch Maker shop in Chicago, Illinois. I assume he was a Watch Maker apprentice in Baden. From family oral history, I know that his ancestors originally came from the Village of Engelbach. His naturalzation records and marriage records were lost in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Any suggestions on how to find any records on Edward and his parents in Germany would be greatly appreciated. Contact Ellen Pankenier: Lafayette324@aol.com
  14. Looking for relatives of ADOLPH ENGELBACH. He was born 8 July 1846 in Kusel, Pfalz, Bavaria, one of five children born to Georg Friederich Adolph Engelbach and Angelika Caspary. Adolph's father, Georg Friederich Adolph was born in Homburg, Pfalz, Bavaria on 24 June 1809 and was one of seven children born to Friederich Engelbach and Catherine Bietz. Immigrated to the US from the port of LeHarve in 1869 at the age of 23. Contact Jim Engelbach: jme240@inav.net
  15. My immigrant father, HENRY ENGLEBACH, stated on his immigration application that he was born in 1817 in Kur-Hessen, Hepe Capel, Germany. His children, according to census records were born between 1839-1855 in Prussia. Is Prussia near this place, Kur-Hessen, Hepe Capel? And where is/was Kur-Hessen, Hepe Capel? I hope you can help. Donna Contact DonnaM454@aol.com

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