Others Doing Research

To give the Engelbach/Englebach/Engleback "investigators" a better opportunity to make contact with others researching, we will list the names and addresses of anyone researching. We can also accomodate those without internet access by using their mailing address. If you know someone who fits this category and would like their name and mailing address printed, let us know. By sharing information, we may be able to help each other put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Send your listing information (please include surname you are researching) to: jme240 @ mchsi.com

Others Doing Research

Click on names to send a message regarding genealogy research to anyone on the list.

Ellen Engelbach Pankenier - researching Engelbach

Jim and Martha Engelbach - researching Engelbach

Emilie Engelbach Cuthbert - researching Engelbach

Chris Engelbach Hitchcock - researching Engelbach

Rich and Bella Englebach - researching Englebach

Jean Newman Hopper - researching Englebach

Donna Morganti - researching Englebach

Jacque Engelbach Curran - researching Engelbach

Jean Stagner - researching Engelbach

Robert Engelbach - researching Engelbach