The Village of Engelbach

The village of Engelbach is located in Germany, amid rolling hills, in the state of Hessen. The village is located approximately 62 Miles/100 KM directly north of Frankfurt a. Main
near the town of Biedenkopf. The name 'Engelbach' translated to English is 'Angel Brook.'

The village was first mentioned, as Engelenbahc or Engelbahc, in 1237. In the year 1987 it celebrated its 750th anniversary. It currently has 350-400 inhabitants.

Research has shown that there has never existed a person called Engelbach in the village. It is assumed that from here the Engelbach name originated however, because surnames in earlier times were often based on the locality from which a person had come. When a person moved from Engelbach to Biedenkopf for example, they would become known as "Engelbacher" or "John, the man from Engelbach". The earliest Engelbach ancestor that we know of was Joachim Engelbach who was from Biedenkopf (6 km west of Engelbach) and was probably born in the 1540's.

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