Other Photo Gallery

We invite you to add your pictures to the Photo Gallery. As the Gallery grows, sections will be added for family photos, kids page, and any other sections we may need! Please E-mail your pictures along with caption information and they will be added to the gallery. If you do not have a scanner, you can take the photos to your local copying center and they can provide this service for you.

Hermann Engelbach visits his grandchildren.      

Rich and Bella of Philadelphia visit Germany June 2006!      

Meet Amber Englebach!      

Sarah and Ben get married!!

Bob and Melva Engelbach take an Alaskan cruise!

Ron and Nan Leeseberg visit with us (Ron is the son of Suzanne Engelbach Leeseberg).     

Lidka Engelbach visits with Jim and Martha in Iowa and we all had a great time!     

Rich and Bob E visit after meeting at the E Reunion in Philadelphia last year.     

New photos of Derek Engleback's family.      

A recent photo of the Bacque family who live in France.      

Berni Engleback at one of his many hobbies!      

Sasha Engelbach son of Walli and Ranier Engelbach of Kappeln Germany.      

Ian Englebach from Pennsylvania vists with us in Iowa!

Three Engelbach/Englebach families gather in Iowa!

Submitted by Engelbach\Englebachs from Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Iowa

Emma - Ya gotta love that shirt!! submitted by Jacque Engelbach Curran

Family Photo submitted by Oliver Engleback/England

Family Photos submitted by Jacque Engelbach Curran/Missouri

Jean-Pierre and Michelle submitted by Jean-Pierre Engelbach and Michelle/France

Are these two related? submitted by Rich and Bella Englebach/Pennsylvania

Family Photos submitted by Rich and Bella Englebach/Pennsylvania

Eva and Hermann Engelbach submitted by Eva and Hermann Engelbach/Germany

Sarah Engelbach submitted by Sarah Engelbach/Illinois

Peter and Sylvia Engleback Angland of New Zealand submitted by Derek Engleback/England

Michel Engelbach and Family submitted by Michel Engelbach/France

Crest Wood Carving submitted by Chris Engelbach Hitchcock/Georgia

Engelbach Farmhouse in Wollmar submitted by Michael Engelbach/Germany

Klaus Engelbach submitted by Ellen Engelbach Pankenier/Arizona

Klaus, Richard, Ellen and Siegfried submitted by Ellen Engelbach Pankenier/Arizona

Jim, Martha and Family submitted by Jim & Martha Engelbach/Iowa

Derek Engleback and family submitted by Derek Engleback/England

Photos From Ellen submitted by Ellen Engelbach Pankenier/Arizona